life skills


Promoting independence, advocacy and decision making is at the very heart of the work we do here at Learn to Live 19-25. Our young people are supported to utilise the resources that are available to them, so that they are not only able to access their local community but become responsible, active and valued members of society. Enabling them to plan for and live the life they want.   

Daily life skills such as cleaning, laundry, travel training and budgeting are actively encouraged and supported so that our young people will be able to confidently transfer the skills they have acquired into their lives beyond our setting.

Food preparation is a daily activity at Learn to Live 19-25 with a small group of our young people taking it in turns to prepare and cook lunch for the rest of the group. We can often be seen out and about shopping for our ingredients within the local community and our allotment also provides us with many of the fruits and vegetables for our healthy lunches.